You Can Hire Naked Cleaning Services

Have you ever wished that your cleaning service people were naked while they were doing your cleaning? Well, whether or not you wished for it, it exists in the UK, and people are actually using it. It’s called Naturist Cleaners, and it was founded in 2017 by Laura Smith.

 The people who work for the service will come and clean your home or office while wearing nothing but a pair of slippers and some gloves. The people who hire the service can be either clothed or naked as well, but they’re not allowed to watch or touch the cleaners. You’re also not allowed to take photos or have anyone else in the house with you.

 And according to some of the people who work for the company, it’s actually completely natural and normal. The clients tend to just have polite conversation with the cleaners, and there’s nothing weird about the interaction at all. Uhhh… okay?

Source: Metro

Photo: Getty

Steve Wazz

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