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There Are New Contact Lenses That Get Darker When You Go Outside

Johnson and Johnson is going to start selling contact lenses next year that have the technology from transition lenses in glasses . . . so they get DARKER when you go outside.  The down side is they'll probably give you FREAKY dark alien eyes.

Great, just what we need, more people walking around looking DEAD in the eyes.

You know those glasses that have the transition lenses that get darker when you go outside?  Well, Johnson and Johnson put that same technology into CONTACT LENSES . . . and after several years of testing, they just got approved by the FDA.

So starting next year, they'll be selling disposable contacts that get darker when you go out into the sun.

They'll be great for filtering UV light, and it'll be like wearing sunglasses without having to actually put on sunglasses.

BUT . . . the trade off is they'll probably make your eyes look FREAKY and dark, like an alien or someone possessed. 


 Source: (Gizmodo

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