Why Are Elon Musk Fans Crowdfunding to Buy Him a Couch?

 Earlier this week, several outlets reported that fans of Tesla founder Elon Musk had launched a GoFundMe page to buy him a couch after he revealed that he often spends nights sleeping on his factory floor. Now BuzzFeed has done the important reporting of finding out why anyone would donate money to a billionaire who chooses not to get himself a bed. "As a Tesla customer and fan, it’s not fair that he’d have to sleep there," says campaign founder Ben Sullins. "Elon, kind of famously, is not good at taking care of himself...He needs the community to help him in some ways." Adds Andrew Gazdecki, a tech CEO in San Diego who gave $100, "Elon needs the best possible rest for the sake of bettering mankind!" He also said of Musk, "If there’s a chance to make that guy smile...it's worth it."

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Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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