Burglar Busts a Move After Breaking Into Office Building

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 A burglar in California was caught on camera busting a move last week after he busted into a Fresno law firm. Security footage shows suspect David Seale calmly popping the lock on the office building door before going inside with a bag and proceeding to pop and lock. He then goes back outside, retrieves his second bag and again indulges in a victory dance. While his break-dancing break-in has gone viral on Facebook, Seale was arrested a few days later after he was found with a stolen laptop and several keys that unlocked the building in question. 

He wound up stealing a laptop and a bunch of keys . . . and the cops tracked him down quickly and arrested him. He was charged with burglary. 

Suspect caught dancing on camera

Talk about breaking (it down) and entering! A security camera in California caught a thief doing a victory dance after breaking into a business Details: http://bit.ly/2Gdq7wH?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KXAN_News

Posted by KXAN News on Monday, May 14, 2018
Steve Wazz

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