Why Are So Many Fast Food Logos Red?

Have you ever noticed how many fast food restaurants use red in their logos? McDonald’s, Arby’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Jack in the Box and Chick-fil-A all do it, but why? Color is one of the ways companies connect with customers and even though the average human can see 10-million colors, red is special and stands out.

Red is one of the first colors our ancient ancestors thought was important to name way back before we had alphabets. So people have a deep connection to red and react to it in ways that work well for fast food companies. Red can “evoke a sense of urgency” and can also wet our appetites, which is great when you’re trying to attract hungry customers.

Red is also one of the few colors that’s viewed positively by different cultures around the world. And humans are really visual - get this - even though we have five senses, 80% of the information our brains process every day comes from our eyes. And marketing company WebPageFX sayas 85% of customers say the reason they pick one product over another is color, so these fast food companies really know how to get us in the door with their red logos.

Source: Business Insider

Photo: Getty

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