New Bike Rack at U. of Kansas Looks Like "CRAP" (Literally)

Someone tried to design a bike rack at the University of Kansas in honor of an outdoor classroom at the school and...oh, crap. The bike rack, which is supposed to spell out the acronym "PARC" for Prairie Acre Ribbon Classroom, is going viral because "PARC" spelled backwards is "CRAP." One wise guy cracked online, "It'll make a fine bike rack. Crap a diem!" Meanwhile, the architecture students behind the PARC project don't seem amused. After The Lawrence Journal-World tweeted jokingly about the bike rack on Friday, the Project PARC Twitter account replied, "This was a student led design-build project and the sign stands for Prairie Acre Ribbon Classroom (P.A.R.C.) The photograph shown is not the intended vantage point, nor is it the message of our project." 

Photo: Getty

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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