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The Average Home Needs Nine Repairs Right Now...

I guess this counts as good news?  It turns out everyone else is JUST as lazy about home improvement projects as you are.  Nice.

According to a new survey, the average home needs NINE different repairs right now.  And a third of people have been putting off at least one of them for over a year at this point.  Here are the 10 we're most likely to put off . . .

1.  Painting.


2.  Remodeling the bathroom.


3.  Installing new carpet.


4.  Landscaping projects.


5.  Remodeling the kitchen.


6.  Fixing the drywall.


7.  Fixing or replacing a door.


8.  Fixing or replacing a window.


9.  Floor repairs.


10.  Roof repairs. 


 Photo: Getty

(New York Post)

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