Hawaii Offers Cash To Get Stung By Jellyfish

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Researchers at the University of Hawaii are offering to pay people $100 to get stung by a jellyfish. Beachgoers report that they’ve tried everything from sea water to vinegar to help ease the pain of a jellyfish sting, but this new study will help develop a first-aid treatment for them. 

"Optomized first-aid can prevent a simple sting that's localized from becoming a life threatening situation," says lead researcher of the study, Dr. Angel Yanagihara. The study will test various methods of treatment including hot and cold compresses, Coca-Cola, vinegar, and a newly developed spray and cream. Participants will only be stung with one-inch tentacles. Therefore, Yanagihara believes the study is safe based on the small dose.

She thinks the study is important so lifeguards will know exactly what to do when someone gets stung, especially in Hawaii. "It's important to us here in Hawaii of course," Yanagihara offers. "We have tourism, we want to be able to provide our residents, our visitors with scientifically proven first aid."

If you’re interested, give Cori Watanabe a call at (808) 692-1654 or contact by email corit@hawaii.edu.

Source: KHON

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