Ice Cream Hacks We Need This Summer

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Ice cream and summer go hand in hand, so here are some helpful ice cream hacks to make the most of the season’s best dessert.

  • Experiment with new ingredients to wow your friends - Use unique ingredients, like edible flowers, honeycomb, and cayenne pepper to take your treat to the next level.
  • Run a scooper under hot water prior to scooping - The metal will warm up, melting the ice cream a little as you scoop and making it easier. Makes sense, right? But when was the last time you did this?
  • Start scooping around the edges - That’s where it warms up first, so it’s easier to scoop.
  • Store your pint upside down to avoid freezer burn - The ice cream will slide down to it’s base and limit air exposure.
  • Slice your pints to create discs for ice cream sandwiches - Or get the Ben & Jerry’s chocolate-dipped slices, either way your binge will be better.
  • Place a jelly bean or marshmallow at the bottom of sugar cones to prevent leaks - And you get a bonus treat at the end.
  • Slice a pint down the middle to create two makeshift bowls - And your prize for doing this is not having to wash as many dishes.
  • Pre-scoop ice cream ahead of time and store in the freezer - Keep them stored in wax paper in the freezer for a treat that’s ready any time you are.
  • Finish an almost-finished jar of Nutella or peanut butter with ice cream - Just drop in the ice cream and scrape all that Nutella or nut butter out of the jar along with it. Nothing goes to waste and you get a yummy treat.
  • To keep ice cream at a perfect consistency, place its pint or carton in a plastic bag - It seems some people don’t finish a container of ice cream in one sitting and for those folks, wrapping the container in a bag insulates it and keeps the leftovers better.

Source: Chowhound

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