Tricks Stores Use To Get You To Spend More

It’s safe to say most people are guilty of running into a store to pick up one or two things and coming out with a whole cart full of items they've spent way too much money on. Well, you may be happy to know that it isn’t necessarily your fault. In fact, stores are counting on you to spend more than you initially planned, and they have several tricks they use to get you to do just that. 

So, what should you look out for next time you shop to keep yourself from buying more than you need? Well, here are some store tricks to keep an eye out for on your next shopping run:

  • They put a big, bold “sale” sign in the window – Come on, who can resist a good sale.
  • They tell you it’s a “limited time” offer – Better shop now or you’ll miss out on a good deal.
  • They greet you with big shopping carts – The more room you have in your cart, the more you’ll buy.
  • They put baked goods and flowers in the front of a store – The bright colors and smells will make folks happy, because if they’re in a good mood, they’ll shop more.
  • Calm music is strategically chosen – Calming music will make shoppers slow down, and the longer they are in the store, the more they will likely buy.
  • Store layouts change as often as once a month – By rearranging a store, customers are forced to wander, which could get them to find something new to buy.
  • Free samples tempt you to buy more – Everyone loves a free sample, especially stores because people who eat them often feel guilty and then buy the product.
  • The checkout is stocked with tempting items – It’s the perfect place for those last minute impulse buys.
  • They offer free shipping after spending a certain amount – People are most likely to spend more money just to avoid that shipping charge.

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Source: Money

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