Joey Chestnut Wins Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Again

The Fourth of July has come and gone and we’ve got another Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in the books. This year Joey Chestnut came in first again, winning his 11th title with 74 dogs eaten in just 10 minutes. And get this – at first, they thought it was only 64 dogs down…until they realized there was a whole extra plate he’d eaten.

Not only that, Chestnut set a new world record with this victory, beating his precious record of 72 dogs and buns. And for all those hot dogs he ate, he’s now $10,000 richer. Chestnut blew past other competitors, downing nearly 30 more than the second place winner, Carmen Cincotti, who only managed to snarf 45 franks and buns.

In the women’s competition, Miki Sudo came in first, downing 37 hot dogs and buns. She’s been victorious before and this marks her fifth win. Coming in second for the women was Michelle Lesco, who ate a mere 28.

Source: People

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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