Robocalls Are Getting Worse

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If it seems to you like you’ve been getting more robocalls than ever before, you’re apparently not alone.

According to the FCC, consumers received more than 18-billion robocalls last year, which is a 75% increase from the year prior. And people are certainly getting annoyed, with the FCC receiving over 200,000 complaints about robocalls, which make up about 60% of all complaints received.

And things could be even worse, depending on where you live. A recent Youmail report reveals that Atlanta is the state that gets the most robocalls, with 183-million coming last month alone. Other states inundated with calls include Dallas (97 mil), Miami (93 mil) and New York (88 mil).

  • And these robocalls are more than just annoying, A study found that about 25-million Americans were scammed by robocalls last year, translating to about $9-billion.

Source: CBS News

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