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Something Called The “Super Carb Diet” Exists

There are plenty of diets where carbs are the enemy, we’re looking at you keto and paleo. And that’s why we’re so excited that something called the “Super Carb Diet” is a real thing. Former “Biggest Loser” trainer Bob Harper swears by it and he even wrote a book about it, “The Super Carb Diet: Shed Pounds, Build Strength, Eat Real Food.”

So what is the Super Carb Diet exactly? Well, it doesn’t mean we can eat all the carbs, like those new double bread bowls from Panera, all the time. But it does include “moderate amounts” of carbs, fats and proteins, with a focus on balancing them. And the kind of carbs you eat is really important, you want the ones Bob calls “super carbs,” which are rich in fiber and have a slower digestion process, like 100% whole-grain breads and sweet potatoes.

The diet also advises eating carbs earlier in the day or before a workout to keep energy levels up and making sure everything you eat is nutrient-dense. “Not only will you lose significant weight and whittle your waistline,” the book’s description on Amazon reads, “you’ll walk away from the table feeling happy and full.”

But what do you get to eat on the Super Carb Diet? Here’s what Bob says is a typical day of eating for him:

  • Breakfast: nonfat Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a teaspoon of nut butter
  • Lunch: a "BIG salad with plenty of peppers and chicken," dressed with avocado and balsamic vinegar.
  • Dinner: Roasted veggies over brown rice with fish or chicken.

Of course, like with all eating plans, there are downsides to this one. But if you’re a hardcore carb lover who wants to shed some pounds, this could be a winner for you.

Source: Women's Health

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