Homeless People Getting Barcodes For Money

People are strapped for cash nowadays. This could affect the lives of homeless people, who often rely on cash donations from passerby. A new project is trying to fix this problem, by providing the homeless with scannable barcodes for cashless payments.

With the app “Greater Change,” all pedestrians have to do is scan the QR code on their smartphone and they can make an online payment to the specific person’s account, which is managed by a caseworker. Users can even check out the homeless person’s profile to learn more about their situation. The project is supported by Oxford University Innovation as well as Oxford’s Said Business School.

Neil Coyle, co-chair of an organization committed to solving England’s growing homelessness issue, says the problem has increased dramatically recently. “This intervention should not be necessary but with a Government ignoring the scale of the problem, any extra donations may help homeless people directly,” he notes. He adds that the app is unable to fix other prominent issues related to homelessness like lack of alcohol and drug addiction treatment and housing.

Source: Telegraph

Photo: Getty

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