Mom Breaks Record Running Marathon While Pushing Kids In Stroller

Cynthia Arnold, a woman from Montana and mother of three, has won a very specific world record with her kids.

Arnold successfully ran the fastest half-marathon while pushing her three kids in a stroller. That’s right! She beat the previous triple-stroller pushing mom’s world record by two minutes when she finished the marathon in an impressive hour and 29 minutes. She says she didn’t do it for the record, though, but to teach her kids early about living an active lifestyle.

“That type of lifestyle shouldn’t be sacrificed if you have kids, and kids should realize that it’s fun and normal and good to make these types of choice,” Cynthia says. She says that to prepare for the race she ran around her windy hometown with the stroller, including some uphill and rocky tracks. Go mom!

Source: Daily Mail

Photo: Getty

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