Kanye West On "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Kanye West proved that he should never be allowed to speak freely again. He appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, and to say it was rich is a gross understatement. Here are a few highlights. 

  • The interview opened with Kanye saying that there are two driving forces – love and fear. He was afraid to speak of his love for Donald Trump because people told him that he’d lose his audience. He had to overcome his fear to actually express his opinion. 
  • At one point, ‘Ye addressed the audience with, “I know you guys wanted to clap, but everything I’m going to say is going to be amazing.” 
  • While Jimmy didn’t really challenge Kanye much, he did ask him, “You so famously said that George Bush didn’t care about Black people. What makes you think Donald Trump cares about any people?” Kanye stared into space and Kimmel went to commercial. For the record, we did NOT get an answer to that question. 
  • Jimmy asked Mr. Kim Kardashian if having daughters made him stop objectifying women. He said, “No, I still look at Porn Hub.” When pressed about what he watched, he said he liked Black and White porn because it was reflective of his life. 
  • West addressed his bipolar diagnosis and touched on mental health in the Black community. He also said that his mom, the late Donda West, didn’t medicate him when he had his first blackout at the age of five. He appreciated it because he thinks he wouldn’t be who he is today.
Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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