Jerry Springer Will Star in a New Court Show Called "Judge Jerry"

Back in June, we heard that "The Jerry Springer Show" was ending after 26 seasons, and almost 4,000 episodes.  Now, Jerry has lined up his next gig.  And he's going to be taking on JUDGE JUDY.  Seriously.

NBC Universal is reportedly developing a show for Jerry called "Judge Jerry".  It sounds like every other courtroom show out there . . . except with Jerry on the bench.Jerry has never been a real judge . . . not that he'd have to be to play one on TV . . . but before he was a talk show host, he was a lawyer and campaign advisor for Robert Kennedy.  He was also once the mayor of Cincinnati.

If the show gets off the ground, it'll premiere next fall.That's also when "The Jerry Springer Show" is supposed to end.  Technically, it hasn't been officially canceled . . . but production on the show has been shut down, and there are no plans to film any more episodes.

And now..... some BEST of Jerry Springer.

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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