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Twitter's Latest Plan .. . Getting Rid of the "Like" Button

Twitter has really become the biggest cesspool of all social media . . . it's THE home of vicious mob attacks and harassment, unreal amounts of racism and hate, and bots trying to stoke hate and political divides.

But don't worry!  Twitter has finally figured out how to fix things.  They just announced they're going to . . . get rid of the "like" button.  Wait . . . what?

The CEO of Twitter is Jack Dorsey.  And he said he thinks that getting rid of the "like" option will, quote, "improve the quality of debate."

In other words, if you want to support something someone writes, you can't just click "like" . . . you'll have to either retweet it or, preferably, respond with a tweet. 


But will that REALLY fix Twitter?  The vast majority of people who've weighed in are VERY skeptical.  As one guy tweeted, quote, "Eliminating the 'like' button will absolutely, certainly, 100% make the troll problem worse.

"The most common interaction here is the 'like,' and it's friendly and affirming.  In new Twitter, the most common interaction will be a hostile reply.  Who the hell wants that?" 

There's no word on when they plan on eliminating the button . . . they just say it's in the, quote, "early stages."

(USA Today)

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