The Average Couples Wait HOW Long Before Getting Married!?

With so many quick engagements on our Twitter and Instagram feeds, it’s only natural that we would assume that the average couple gets hitched quick once their forever relationship begins. That may have been true for our parents and grandparents, but believe it or not, the quick engagements are in the minority these days. 

People are waiting much longer to tie the knot.How long is “long?” According to a study by Bridebook, couples date for an average of 1.4-years before deciding to move in together. After just under two years of living together, they’ll probably decide to get engaged. But the actual wedding? That doesn’t even come until another 1.6-years after that. 

So do the math…that’s five whole years.Of course, there is a plus side to waiting for your wedding day. Divorce rates are at their lowest since 1971, so we’re probably doing better with the whole “finding our soulmate” thing.

Source: Insider

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