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Here's the Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipe in Every State

We've got a spoiler alert here about your Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday . . . try to act surprised.

A website called The Kitchn analyzed Google searches from this month to figure out the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in every state.  Here are some of the results . . . 

1.  The most popular is stuffing or dressing, depending on what they call it in your area.  It was the top search in 13 states . . . and 14 if you count Texas, where the top search was a little more specific with "cornbread dressing."

2.  "Salad" is number one in two states:  Washington and Utah.  But we don't know if that's a regular vegetable salad . . . or something like Jell-O salad

3.  The top search in four states is pumpkin pie.  And in D.C., the most popular Thanksgiving recipe is COOKIES.

4.  And finally, there are three states doing REALLY untraditional things.  The top Thanksgiving search in Arizona is "ham" . . . in North Dakota, it's "punch" . . . and in Delaware, it's "keto brisket."  (The Kitchn)

(Here are the results for every state.)

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