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Things You Should Never Say On Thanksgiving

What’s not to love about spending Thanksgiving with friends, family, and lots of food? Having those loved ones bring up something insensitive at the dinner table. Sometimes people want to stir the pot, other times they just stick their foot in their mouth on accident, but this can all be avoided if we all agree not to bring up certain topics. Here are a few things you shouldn’t say at Thanksgiving because no one wants to be the one who ruins dinner.

“Why are you still single?” - This is never a good thing to bring up and it’s the 21st century, so just let people do what they want in their romantic lives and save the judgment.

“This [delicious Thanksgiving food] is so bad for me” - Nobody wants to hear how many carbs or how much sugar is in the feast you’re all enjoying, okay?

“When was the last time you went to [religious institution]?” - Shaming someone for not going to church or temple recently just doesn’t make for happy dinner conversation.

“Are you sure you want another serving?” - What’s the point of asking this? Yes, they want more, that’s why they reached for it, so let it go and pass the potatoes.

“Did you hear the news about Trump?” - Politics and gravy boats don’t mix, so skip the political controversies at Thanksgiving and stick to safe topics like your upcoming travel plans or the best movie you’ve seen lately.

“I earned this pie!” - It’s great you ran in a turkey trot today, but don’t act like you did it to compensate for dinner. Also avoid telling people about how you’re working out tomorrow to “burn off” your turkey dinner.

“Remember when you [did some embarrassing thing you hoped everyone forgot]?” - No one will ever appreciate you bringing this up, so please don’t.

“Woah, that’s a really big piece” - Hold back on this and other judgy comments like how many rolls someone has eaten or you’ll take the fun out of dinner.

“Is that all you’re eating?” - Same goes for comments about how little someone’s eating. Focus on what’s on your plate only, unless you’re a parent trying to make sure your toddler ate more than a roll.

“Oh, I’m not eating dessert. I’m on X diet…” - Nobody cares what diet you’re on and you shouldn’t try to make anyone feel badly for eating dessert on Thanksgiving.

Source: The Daily Meal

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