The Most Popular Day For Marriage Proposals Is Coming

If it feels like love is in the air during the holiday season, there might be something to that. Summer still wins for having the most weddings, but the most popular day of the year to get engaged is approaching soon. According to U.K. wedding planning website Bridebook, an estimated 100,000 proposals will probably happen over the Christmas holidays, but the majority will be on one day.

“Bridebook” reviewed their data and looked at the month-by-month break down of engagements in 2017 and found December to be the peak time for proposals, with 40% of them happening from December to February 14th, Valentine’s Day. As for the most popular day to pop the question, they predict that will be Christmas Day itself, followed by Christmas Eve then New Year’s Eve.

Hamish Shephard, founder of Bridebook, says we can expect to see Instagram snaps of rings hidden in advent calendars and under Christmas trees over the next few weeks. And it makes sense because everyone’s feeling festive and they’re surrounded by family and friends this time of year, so why not give everyone one more thing to celebrate.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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