Things That Everyone Did 10 Years Ago That Are Embarrassing Now

It's hard to believe we thought these things were cool in 2009.   

BuzzFeed has put together a  list of things that we all did in 2009 that are totally lame a decade  later. Here are 10 of them (check out the full list at the link):

  1. Listen to the Black Eyed Peas. 
  2. Spend money on ringback tones. 
  3. Watch movies on portable DVD players. 
  4. Take selfies with a giant digital camera. 
  5. Upload 400 pictures to Facebook at once in an album with a title from a Dave Matthews Band song. 
  6. Maintain some big ol' chunky ol' highlights. 
  7. Take weird pictures of your feet or hands because you all had matching bracelets or shoes.
  8. Yell "DON'T TAZE ME BRO!" in public. 
  9. Think Chuck Norris jokes were the end all be all of comedy 
  10. Insist that Blackberry was way better than iPhone.

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Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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