The "Egg" Photo Has Two New Competitors on Instagram

Every so often, we have to back-burner all the important stuff happening in our lives, and obsess over something totally pointless.

Earlier this week, the Internet got a random, boring EGG to surpass KYLIE JENNER's 'record' for the most Instagram likes.  It was truly a monumental achievement, which will be taught in history classes for years to come.


And now, JENNIFER GARNER is hoping to snatch the record, with a photo of a CARROT.  But it isn't just any carrot, it's two carrots that are connected so they look like PANTS.  And there's even a tiny BULGE.

She captioned it, quote, "If the world loves an egg, wait until you catch a gander of my carrot pants . . . #ItsABoy #HarvestDay."  It's gotten more than 337,000 likes so far . . . but that's a far cry from the egg's 46 MILLION, so it isn't happening.


Meanwhile, ELLEN DEGENERES is also trying to chase after the record, with another egg that has a photo of Kylie superimposed on it.  Ellen's egg already has more than 4.2 million likes, which is a lot.  

But the joke probably won't have the legs to catch up to the original egg.

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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