Someone Run Over a Snowman . . Not Realizing It Was Built Over a Tree Stump

Sometimes if you decide to be a total jackass, karma isn't going to wait to teach you a lesson.

There's a guy named Cory Lutz in Petersburg, Kentucky, and over the weekend, he and his fiancée and her sister built a big snowman in the yard.

Well . . . apparently, on Monday, someone was driving by, saw the snowman, and decided to RUN IT OVER.  But what that person didn't realize was . . . the snowman was built over a big TREE STUMP.

So when Cory got home, he saw the tire tracks leading up to the snowman . . . and a bumper-shaped dent in the snow against the stump.

Which means that somewhere in his town, there's a person with a jacked up bumper . . . all from randomly trying to destroy a stranger's snowman. 

(FOX 8 - Cleveland)

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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