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Five Things in Our Way Which Prevent Us From Finishing Our To-Do List

Do you ever make a to-do list . . . and then, by like 2:00 P.M., you might as well set it on fire because there's no way you'll even come CLOSE to getting everything done?

According to a new survey, the majority of us say we take on so much stuff that we can't EVER accomplish everything on our to-do list.

And here are the five things that keep us from getting everything done at work and at home . . .

1.  Trying to be helpful, accommodating, and polite . . . instead of just doing what it takes to get things done.

2.  Jumping in to fix too many new problems that pop up.

3.  Not being sure which work tasks we are and aren't expected to take on.

4.  Working for a boss who makes impossible demands.

5.  Being bad at saying "no." 

(PR Newswire)

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