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Are These the Ten Best Chain Restaurants in America?

A recent survey online polled over 7,000 people and asked them to name the best chain restaurants in America. And SHOCKER . . . almost all of the top ten are fast food joints. See if you agree with these picks . . .

1. Chick-fil-A.

2. Wendy's.

3. Five Guys.

4. Subway.

5. Dairy Queen.

6. Red Robin. That's the first true sit-down restaurant on the list.

7. IHOP.

8. KFC.

9. Taco Bell.

10. Burger King.

Cheesecake Factory just missed the top ten at #11 . . . Olive Garden is #12 . . . and Red Lobster is #13. McDonald's ranked WAY down in 73rd place. 


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