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Now, You'll Have to Pay Extra for Aisle Seats at Concerts?

Buying concert tickets can be frustrating and expensive . . . and now, it's about to get MORE frustrating and expensive.

That's because it sounds like we'll be paying more for AISLE SEATS.

$5 to $30 to your ticket price . . . for those who are "looking to enjoy the convenience of easy access to refreshments, restrooms, and venue exits."

Even better: It's not ONLY the actual seat on the aisle . . . in some cases it's also the second, third and fourth seats into the row. Although for now, these price hikes must be approved by both the artist and the promoter.

Live Nation is calling them "premium aisle seats," because, well, that SOUNDS like something special. But in reality, it's just a seat . . . close to the aisle . . . where you don't have to crawl over a ton of people if you want to get out.

But despite the ritzy "premium" seat, you still have to be your row's gatekeepers, and stand up every time EVERYONE ELSE needs to squeeze past you to get out. 


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