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These Are Americans' Biggest Role Models

A lot of people have or have had someone in their life that had a lot of influence on who they are today, but who that role model may be depends on who you ask. 

A new survey finds...

  • 74% of Americans say they currently have a role model, and in fact, the average person has about four.
  • 81% say their role model has influenced some of their major life decisions.

Not surprising, for a lot of people, dad is their biggest role model (47%), followed by mom (42%), while other role models include:

  • Teacher/professor
  • Celebrity (actor, athlete, etc.)
  • Coach or other instructor (arts, music, etc.)
  • Historical figure
  • Manager/boss
  • Pastor or youth leader
  • Family friend
  • Friend

Folks also revealed some of the best advice they’ve gotten from their role model, including:

  • Never give in to critics
  • Always be proud of who you are
  • Be yourself and love yourself
  • There will never be a shortcut to success
  • Fight for your dreams

Source:SWNS Digital

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