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Here's Where Erica Stayed In Iceland

What an amazing country!!  I HIGHLY recommend! I'll be sure to share all of our pictures of the trip soon...I have 1000 or more.  It's literally my favorite country we've traveled to so far.  For all of you planning a trip to Iceland (or if you're considering it...JUST GO), hotel and airfare is the main ingredient to get yourself started.   We flew WOW Air which was very inexpensive and stayed at the beautiful Fosshotel Reykjavik  

Some key factors for us and why we would go back to this location:

*Four Star hotel in the city center - with affordable prices

*An excellent full hot buffet breakfast, something for everyone

*They have a cool bar/restaurant on the property

*Stunning views of both Reykjavik and the sea, amazing view when you wake up

*Clean and modern rooms

*Friendly staff - They helped us with maps, finding coffee shops etc.

*Reykjavik Excursions tours pick you up right from the lobby - Which we were so lucky to see the Northern Lights.  One of the highlights for sure!

*Parking - it says use the garage or you can find street parking, which is what we did and it was easy to find a spot each day

NOTE:  I would ask for a tower room - very worth it!  We met several people from different parts of the U.S. while waiting in the lobby for tours or during breakfast etc....and everyone was pleased with their hotel choice.  We were too!

What an amazing country!!  We HIGHLY recommend! I researched this trip quite a bit before going...especially since we took Easton.    It was hands down one of the most welcoming and beautiful countries we've ever been to.   I'll be sure to share all of our contacts and "Must See" spots ASAP (it takes a while to download everything...have TONS of pics).   We will be going back for sure to drive the entire ring road.    

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