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3 Easy Top Hints to Be More Self-Reliant with Life Coach Laura

3 Easy Top Hints to Be More Self-Reliant. (Read Caption↓)

✨Total self-reliance is neither possible nor desirable.✨

✨ No one can handle life without help. Sooner or later, you’ll need a mechanic, doctor, or attorney.

✨Total self-sufficiency would also exclude others from your life. Imagine how empty life would be without others to share in life’s ups and downs.

3 Reasons you want to be Self-reliant

1. Maximize self-esteem. - There’s nothing more soul crushing than needing help with something that everyone else seems to be able to handle alone. Whether it’s paying your bills or getting across town, when you consistently need help, you lose a little bit of your self-esteem each time.

2. Your successes and failures are your own. -There’s no one else to blame. You make your own decisions and take your own course of action. You can enjoy the fruits of your successes and benefit from your mistakes. If you allow someone else to make your decisions for you, you’ll never know if your instincts were right or wrong. Maybe you had a better way.

3. You won’t be socially dependent. You can’t be authentic if the opinions of others matter to you. If you’re concerned whether your actions are popular, you’re at the mercy of others. You’re free from this burden if you’re self-reliant.














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