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Erica's Scavenger Hunt For Downtown Cary, NC


Our family loves to make it fun, and downtown Cary is just the spot for family, friends and fun. You can spice it up with a fun scavenger hunt to walk off some of those carbs after checking out a great local eat. Snap a picture at every stop...for social of course!

Make sure to print a copy of the scavenger hunt to mark off as you go.

Starting at the Cary Arts Center at 101 Drive Ave, then work your way down or around Academy Street.

CLUE 1: Surround yourself with school lockers

CLUE 2: A book lovers dream

CLUE 3: A place where brides-to-be flock

CLUE 4: Find the "carved" eagle that overlooks downtown Cary.

CLUE 5: You can sleep here, you can eat here, and you can also rock here. Take a picture rocking away.

CLUE 6: This Victorian is perfect for a princess.

CLUE 7: Look for the white picket fence. This quaint place was once a doctor's office many years ago. Now they've gone gourmet.

CLUE 8: Row a boat along the wall

CLUE 9: Enjoy the best hotdogs in town here while you wait for your prescription to be filled

CLUE 10: What time is it?

CLUE 11: You get to watch things on the big screen here.

CLUE 12: A cute little cow is waiting to take a picture with you.

Some of the stops along the sure to make it your own and add a few! There's Bond Brothers, Scratch and so many great places to explore. Please feel free to reach out on social @EricaDeLong and share your experience.

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