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Ex-Fugee Pras Wears Full Tyvek Suit to Court Due to Coronavirus Fear

Former Fugee Pras Michel showed up to Manhattan Family court wearing a full Tyvek suit Monday — after an intern with coronavirus had been there a week before.

The “Ghetto Superstar” rapper — who was cuffed last week for not proving he made a $20,000 child support payment — showed up wearing a head-to-toe white Tyvek suit and handed over a receipt that he said proves he made the payment over the weekend.

Last week, a legal intern, who had spent two weeks in the 60 Lafayette building, tested positive for COVID-19.

New York state courts already announced they are stopping new jury trials and non-essential court functions in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

Judge Carol Goldstein pointed out the surreal scene to Michel’s lawyer and the lawyer for his ex-girlfriend Angela Severiano — with whom he shares a 9-year-old son — as the attorneys appeared by phone Monday amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“Let me just put on the record,” Goldstein said. “The father came to court head-to-toe in full hazmat gear, full booties, full outfit with gloves, hood and a mask.”

The judge said she was having trouble hearing Michel as he was attempting to explain that he made cash payments over the weekend.

“Should I pull down my scarf?” asked Michel — whose eyes were the only exposed part of his body.

“I think you’d better,” Goldstein responded.

Goldstein had Michel — whose given name is Prakazrel Michel — arrested last week because he couldn’t provide sufficient proof that he made a $20,000 payment to Severiano as part of the more than $125,000 he owes her. Michel paid $5,000 bail to get out of jail which will go toward his payments to Severiano.

Michel explained that he brought a receipt showing that he made three cash payments to Moneygram, which would in turn send the money to a collection agency for Severiano.

The judge found this to be sufficient proof of payment and told Michel to return in May with proof he made the next $15,000 payment.

“You owe $127,000,” Goldstein said of the total unpaid child support. “So we are now subtracting $20,000 and $5,000 so it’s $112,000 that you still owe.”

Outside court after Michel, 47, said he flew across the country “to make sure my son was safe.”

“You see how I’m dressed right? I just want to make sure I’m not exposed and I don’t expose anyone,” Michel said.

“Let me step back,” Michel said as he put distance between himself and reporters. “I just want to be careful and mindful about everyone’s safety and my safety.”

Michel has claimed he fell behind on his $4,800 monthly payments after he was charged with a federal campaign-finance violation and the feds seized $74 million of his money.

He has maintained his innocence in that case.

Severiano’s lawyer Robert Wallack says the judge went easy on Michel adding, “Angela still hasn’t received any money yet.”

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