Danny Meyers & The G105 Morning Show

Danny Meyers & The G105 Morning Show

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New Streaming Service Quibi Launches Today

Quibi, the highly anticipated streaming service, launches Monday with 50 original programs.

The short-form, mobile-only platform features plenty of A-list talent -- including Jennifer Lopez, Liam Hemsworth, Reese Witherspoon, Sophie Turner and Chrissy Teigen.

Shows are put in one of three categories: movies in chapters, unscripted and docs, and daily essentials.

A subscription to Quibi costs $4.99 a month with ads or $7.99 a month for the ad-free option.

Here are all 50 shows, according to TV Guide.

Daily Essentials


"Pop5, by iHeartRadio, is a daily, fast-paced, and colorful collage of must-know information about pop music today. It will highlight everything that is worth talking about in popular music right now, go behind the scenes with artists and dive into why you like the songs you like. Hosted by TimvKash."

Last Night's Late Night

"From Entertainment WeeklyLast Night's Late Night celebrates late night television every morning with a breakdown of the smartest monologues, best interviews, and must-see sketches. This daily recap series highlights the best moments from the previous evening's shows to determine who won the night and the week! Heather Gardner will host the daily show."

The Daily Chill

"By combining guided meditation and awe-inspiring visuals, The Daily Chill takes users on a pathway to calmness. Each episode features a new global destination and, with it, a new ASMR journey to peace."

The Nod with Brittany & Eric

"The popular and critically-acclaimed podcast, The Nod, is now a daily show on Quibi. Five days a week, hosts Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings dig into the biggest moments and most under-explored corners of black culture, as told by the actors, musicians, writers, thinkers, chefs, activists, artists, and everyday people who live it. The Nod tells the stories about black life you won't see anywhere else."

No Filter by TMZ: AM and No Filter by TMZ: PM

"No Filter by TMZ takes you inside the newsroom for a twice-daily entertainment and pop culture show offering the latest in TMZ's brand of edgy, exclusive content."

Speedrun by Polygon

"Speedrun will present a caffeinated, hyperfast injection of the news that the gaming (and gaming adjacent) audience craves, with insightful cultural deep dives into the biggest trending topics including expert analysis, exclusives, recommendations, and beyond. Hosted by Jimmy Mondal."

Trailers by Fandango

"Get all the latest movies and TV/streaming trailers daily, powered by Fandango."

The Rachel Hollis Show

"New York Times best seller Rachel Hollis helps you level up your life with a daily dose of motivation and inspiration. The show will run once daily, Monday through Friday."

Sports AM by TSN

"TSN, Canada's sports leader and No. 1 sports network, will produce a daily sports updates hosted by Lindsay Hamilton during the week and Kayla Grey on the weekends."

The Replay by ESPN

"ESPN's The Replay will feature daily episodes and breaking news covering the biggest stories in sports. The hosts will be Nabil Karim, Ashley Brewer and Sebastian Salazar."

All The Feels by the Dodo

"Most days need a moment of pure joy — a happy cry, belly laugh, and a little zen time. Everyday The Dodo curates a new animal story to deliver All the Feels to the Quibi audience."

Close Up by E! News

"Get Close Up with Hollywood — bringing pop culture and celebrity into focus daily. Small screen, big news."

Fresh Daily by Rotten Tomatoes

"Fresh Daily by Rotten Tomatoes helps you navigate today's endless sea of content. A daily conversation around the latest news, reviews, and recommendations from the best in television, streaming, and film."

Sexology with Shan Boodram

"Created by Corin Nelson and Shan BoodramSexology with Shan Boodram features certified sexologist and intimacy expert Shan Boodram as she shows viewers how to navigate the realities of sex, dating, and relationships in a world where the rules of love and attraction are often confusing and fluid."

Around the World by BBC News

"Drawing on the BBC's vast global network along with its 100-year history of impartial and authentic storytelling, Around the World will ensure that Quibi's users stay up to date with the most important and illuminating international stories."

Morning Report by NBC NEWS

"This fast-paced show gets you up to speed with the most important headlines from around the world and gives you the context to go deeper on the stories that matter most."

Evening Report by NBC NEWS

"A new kind of evening broadcast built on the vast resources of NBC News and featuring in-depth pieces and explainers to get you up to speed on what matters and why — all before cocktail hour."

Saturday Report by NBC NEWS

"Each Saturday, NBC News takes you up close to the meet characters driving a story that shapes our world."

Sunday Report by NBC NEWS

"The pace of news can be overwhelming — so, on Sundays we slow it down: taking a detailed look at a single critical issue."

Fashion's a Drag

"Model/actress Willam Belli joined by supermodel Denise Bidot kick back with their closest drag queen friends to break down what the hottest celebs are wearing and all that's happening in the world of fashion."

Pulso News by Telemundo

"Pulso News is a daily newscast catering to the English-speaking Latinx market, where a proudly bicultural, binational host, and a series of diverse Latinx contributors will help portray the diversity of our community and bring the issues that matter to light. Andrea Martinez will anchor."

For the Cultura by Telemundo

"Welcome to For the Cultura, where we celebrate our Latinidad while reveling in all things pop culture. Krystal Vega and Freddy Lomeli will anchor."

Weather Today by The Weather Channel

"Weather Today will be a three-to-five minute show airing seven days a week that features the most important weather news stories of the day as well as a national forecast. Jordan Steele will anchor."

NewsDay by CTV News and NewsNight by CTV News

"CTV News, Canada's leading news organization, offers two new daily editions of curated news for Canadians."

Movies in Chapters

When the Streetlights Go On

"After the murder of a beautiful young girl rocks a suburban community, the victim's sister and her high school peers must struggle to find a sense of normalcy while coming of age in the midst of the murder investigation. Starring Chosen Jacobs, Sophie Thatcher, Mark Duplass, Tony Hale and Queen Latifah."

Most Dangerous Game

"Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take his life, Dodge Tynes (Liam Hemsworth) accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he soon discovers that he's not the hunter...but the prey. This action-thriller explores the limits of how far someone would go to fight for their life and their family. Let the games begin. Also starring Christoph Waltz."


"Jane (Sophie Turner) wants to end it all. Then a plane crash almost ends it for her. Now she's crawling from the wreckage with the only other survivor (CoreyHawkins) and a new drive to stay alive. Together they embark on a harrowing journey out of the wilderness, battling brutal conditions and personal traumas in this thrilling drama based on the critically acclaimed novel, Survive, by Alex Morel."


"Jann and Cricket think they have what it takes to become TV's newest house-flipping couple. Unfortunately, a Mexican drug cartel thinks so too. Now the delusional duo has to survive their newest project — renovating the cartel's mansions. Starring Will Forte, Kaitlin Olson, Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria and Arturo Castro."

Unscripted and Docs

Memory Hole

"Will Arnett hosts this series that looks back on all the pop culture events you'd rather forget. Season 1 of the comedy series will focus specifically on Canadian pop culture."

I Promise

"Executive produced by LeBron JamesI Promise is an original docuseries featuring an in-depth look at the first academic year inside James' I Promise School, which opened its doors in 2018."

Thanks a Million

"Executive produced by Jennifer Lopez, this emotional and inspiring series features grateful public figures who kickstart a chain of kindness by gifting $100,000 to an unsuspecting individual who must pay it forward. Across 10 episodes, $1,000,000 will be put in the hands of everyday people. Kristen Bell, Nick Jonas,JenniferLopez, Tracy MorganAaron Rodgers, Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart and Karlie Kloss will each lead individual episodes of Thanks a Million."

Chrissy's Court

"Real people. Real cases. And real, legally binding decisions. If you thought ChrissyTeigen couldn't become an actual courtroom judge, you've been overruled. In each episode of Chrissy's Court, Chrissy Teigen reigns supreme as the "judge" over one small claims case. Chrissy's mom turned 'bailiff,' PepperThai, maintains order in the courtroom. In this courtroom, Chrissy's decisions are final and binding."


"Hosted and executive produced by Chance the RapperPunk'd dares to go where no show has gone before. Now that technology can really augment reality, we're back to pull the boldest pranks on the biggest stars in Hollywood. No one is safe."

Murder House Flip

"From the executive producer of CSIMurder House Flip is an unconventional new home renovation show that takes on the country's most infamous homes: the ones known for mysterious murders committed behind their walls. Homeowners turn to high-end renovation experts, Mikel Welch and Joelle Uzyel, to remove the stains of the past and take these homes from morbid to marvelous."

Skrrt with Offset

"Offset is a big fan of cars. His garage has over 30 sports and luxury cars. This series follows him as he joins his celebrity and rapper friends — like Quavo, Lil Yachty and T-Pain — exploring all things cars. Guests on SkrrtwithOffset will include Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, Dapper DanJay Leno,Quavoand Takeoff from Migos, Lil Yachty, T-Pain and more."

Nikki Fre$h

"Starring and executive produced by Nicole RichieNikki Fre$h unites her passions for Mother Earth and hip hop into her eponymous alter ego, Nikki Fre$h. Nikki brings a new voice to wellness with a totally fresh style of music — dropping socially conscious and educational rhymes on the world."

The Sauce

"The Sauce follows dance sensations Ayo & Teo as they explore the unique dance cultures in cities across the U.S., finding the freshest online talent to compete head-to-head for a cash prize. Usher will serve as judge for this fresh dance competition series."


"&MUSIC shines the spotlight on the unsung artists and surprising elements behind the world's biggest music stars. Each episode will reveal an unprecedented look at a vital behind-the-scenes collaborator that transforms the performance of an iconic musical artist into a cultural phenomenon. The documentary series will feature the following artists on camera: Ariana GrandeJ BalvinAnderson PaakAndrew Watt and Ozzy Osbourne."

Gone Mental with Lior

"Lior Suchard is the world's best mentalist — he literally can read your mind. He teams with a featured celebrity and runs him or her through a string of mindblowing mental stunts. Featuring Kate Hudson, The MizBig ESasha Banks, Bayley, Ben Stiller, Rob Gronkowski, James CordenDavid Dobrik and Zooey Deschanel."

Singled Out

"Hosted by Keke Palmer and Joel Kim BoosterSingled Out will hook up a new generation of singles, of all genders and sexual preferences, seeking love in 20 bite-sized episodes. Reflective of today's dating landscape, where everyone is connected, the series will bring online dating to life with a twist — the main dater is linked to the pool of diverse singles through social media."

Gayme Show!

"Hosted by comedians Matt Rogers and Dave MizzoniGayme Show! is a comedic competition show that uplifts and celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. In each episode, two straight contestants are paired with a celebrity 'life partner' as they battle head to head in physical, mental, and even emotional challenges for the title of 'Queen of the Straights.' Some of the celebrity 'life partners' include Ilana GlazerD'Arcy Carden, Trixie Mattel, Jon Lovett, Nicole Byer and Rachel Bloom."


"From the creator and executive producer of Chopped comes Dishmantled, a high-octane cooking competition that will literally blow your socks off. Hosted by Tituss Burgess, each episode starts with the cannon-blasting of a mystery food dish into the faces of two blindfolded chefs. They'll use their culinary prowess to identify the exploded dish and then race against the clock to recreate it. Whichever chef comes closest to the original dish wins a cash prize. Guest judges include Wolfgang PuckJane Krakowski, Rachel Dratch and Dan Levy."

You Ain't Got These

"This is not a show about sneakers. It's a show about sneaker culture. Fitting in. And belonging to something bigger than yourself. Best of all? Lena Waithe is in it. Episodes feature Carmelo Anthony, Billie Jean King, Hasan Minhaj, QuestloveNas and Mike Epps.


"Hosted by Megan Rapinoe, each episode highlights one Prodigy's unprecedented athletic accomplishments, while also diving deep into their origin stories to introduce the prodigies to the world in a powerful, unique way."

Fierce Queens

"Presented by Reese Witherspoon, this nature series explores the fabulous females of the animal kingdom. From ant queens to speedy cheetahs, they call the shots in their world and sit at the top of the social hierarchy earning them the title 'fierce queens.'"

Run This City

"Run This City is a series that follows Jasiel Correiathe Second as he navigates his role as the youngest mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, ever elected to office. When the FBI indicts him for his former company, Correia vows to fight the charges and be vindicated."

Shape of Pasta

"Chef Evan Funke. Italy. And the pursuit of pasta perfection. He's uncovering the craft and culture behind some rare and forgotten pasta shapes. We dare you not to drool. Follow chef Evan Funke's passion-filled quest to find the last remaining masters of the world's most beloved food... pasta. Join his whirlwind tour of Italy to keep these traditions alive."


"Full of heart, humor, and a hell of a lot of glitter, NightGowns follows Sasha Velour over the course of eight episodes as she adapts her critically acclaimed Brooklyn drag revue into a full-on stage production — and the biggest drag showcase of her life."

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