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TIPS: Get the Most out of Your Next Virtual Happy Hour

Participating in a virtual happy hour or attending a work meeting over video chat? Here's how to make the most out of your socially distant interaction.

If possible, use your computer, not your phone. Your arm will get tired holding the device up the entire time, and the video and audio quality aren't as good.

Avoid appearing with a double chin by propping your laptop up at eye level.

Keep it small. You know how annoying it is to have 15 people on a conference call? Well, same goes for 15 of your friends drinking. Have 2-3 friends on with you so that conversation is easy to have and everyone can connect.

Plan the dress code. Plan ahead of time if this is a "let's finally put makeup on" or a "can we all be a mess together?" FaceTime.

Don't talk about COVID-19. Or try not to anyways... I know it's kind of hard NOT to talk about it. But talk about other things! Your kids, your love life, what you're looking forward to.

Have snacks ready. Always.

And then...plan your next happy hour! Have something to look forward to and stay connected!

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