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Triangle Hair Salon Shut Down after Violating Stay-at-Home Order

ROXBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- Jessica Wesley owns The Room hair salon in Roxboro. Wednesday, she announced she would ignore Gov. Roy Cooper's stay-at-home order and reopen her salon Thursday.

"I'm not a big fan people telling me what to do," Wesley said. "Making me do something that takes away something that I have worked my fanny off for years, it doesn't sit well with me."

Cooper's order is currently set to expire May 8, and businesses like The Room would not be allowed to reopen until Phase 2 of Cooper's plan to reopen, which at the earliest could come late next month.

"I got my Clorox spray, my disinfectant wipes, my barbercide wipes. I have all of the things I am supposed to do to keep people healthy," Wesley said, adding that she'll be the only one in the shop, styling one head at a time and wearing a mask if asked.

The mom of two made the announcement on Facebook live that her clients have already booked appointments.

Some people on her page expressed concern, but the majority were in support.

One commenter said, "You go girl."

Another said, "Keep in mind you could be fined."

Thursday morning, Wesley said she did a few men's cuts before Roxboro Police Department officers walked in. ABC11 was in the salon as Roxboro officers came to ask Wesley to close her business.

"I understand what you're trying to do, I really do, but there are laws in place for this exact kind of thing that we have to abide by and enforce," an officer said. "We really, really want you to voluntarily comply with this."

Wesley said she understood and added, "I feel like we've gotten our point across. So let's just call it quits. My point is made, and I appreciate it."

Wesley said she would comply with the governor's order at this time. "I really wanted to be open and I really wanted this to go a different way, but there's a point where you've already made your point and you just kind of stand back and say, 'I did it,'" Wesley said.

Wesley said she would apply for government assistance, adding "I'm going to go about this the right way."

Wesley said she would apologize to her customers who had booked appointments over the next few days and tell them they can't get their hair done just yet.

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