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The 10 Best TikTok Dance Challenges for Couples

TikTok is all about the challenges, and there are plenty of cute ones to try with your SO:

The #GetEnoughChallenge

You can't get enough of your partner, so show off your love for them with the adorable #GetEnoughChallenge. The dance is set to the song "Get Enough" by Blake McGrath, and it's super sweet. The whole dance is pretty much made up of a mashup of famous TikTok moves you'll recognize, so it's fairly easy to nail down.

The #UpDownChallenge

The #UpDownChallenge dance has a section in the middle where you need a partner for some high fives, so it's perfect that you have an automatic dance partner in bae. Each move also falls on the beat of the song, so it's pretty easy to get into the groove.

The #Savage Remix Challenge

Aside from you and bae, a dream duo comes from Queen Bey and Megan Thee Stallion joining together for the "Savage Remix." The OG "Savage" dance challenge on TikTok is well known, but now there's a new routine just for the remix. After tackling the first "Savage," try this one.

The #NeedAFreak Challenge

You need a partner for the #NeedAFreak dance, so it's great you have your boo by your side. It's pretty similar to a synchronized handshake. You face each other and dance to the song "Need A Freak" by Mighty Bay.

The #Relationship Challenge

The #Relationship dance challenge is pretty simple to learn. Plus, it's short, so there aren't a lot of moves you have to remember. Each move kind of matches the lyrics to the song it's set to, "Relationship" by Young Thud, so if you already know the words, you just might know what move is next.

The #Supalonely Challenge

You'll never be super lonely when you have your partner by your side. Also, you'll never be bored when there are so many dances to learn, like this cute #Supalonely challenge. You might have seen this trending dance show up on your "For You" page several times, which is a surefire sign it's your turn to try it.

The #HandClapping Challenge

The #HandClapping challenge is exactly what you think it would be. You face your partner and do a series of high fives and hand claps set to the beat of the music. Once you nail down the hand part, the dance continues to add in the legs.

The #CantTouchThis Challenge

If you know the "Macarena" dance, you're already halfway there to learning the #CantTouchThis dance challenge. This routine is so easy and fun to do that it's a great place to start if you and bae are warming up.

The #OneHandTwoHandChallenge

You might have seen the plank version of the #OneHandTwoHandChallenge. However, there's also a dance version that's a little bit easier to try. You follow along to the lyrics to the song "Hit Yo Rollie," so you don't even have to memorize much.

The #FirstMoveLastMove Challenge

The #FirstMoveLastMove challenge doesn't require you to memorize anything at all. All you need to do for this dance challenge is do the last move your partner does as your first move. It will be a fun game to see if you guys can keep up with each other.

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