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Dumped and Drunk -- Chinese Woman Cracks Plane Window Mid-Flight

An air passenger has been detained after allegedly attempting to smash open a plane window at 30,000 feet. 

The 29-year-old woman consumed two entire bottles of super-strength spirits on her own due to emotional stress before boarding the domestic flight, according to police.  

One window cracked and the Airbus A320 had to make an emergency landing as a result of the fiasco.

The woman allegedly turned to the booze to deal with her relationship problems after being dumped by her partner. 

Footage shows the flight attendants trying to comfort the crying woman, named Li, who suddenly started hitting the cabin window. 

According to the statement, Ms. Li was travelling from Xining in north-western China to eastern Chinese city Yangcheng on May 25 with domestic carrier Loong Air.

She was flying high after drinking two 8oz. bottles of 'Bai Jiu' -- a type of Chinese grain wine -- before boarding the flight.

The traditiona lChinese drink typically has an alcohol volume of between 35 to 60 per cent (70 to 120 proof).

The cabin crew had to carry out an emergency landing about halfway into the five-hour journey after Ms Li 'suddenly 'lost control of her emotion' and started punching the window next to her seat.

An image released by police shows the damaged plane window with multiple cracks on the surface.

The plane safely touched down. Police said no one was harmed during the process. 

She could face a jail sentence between three to ten years.

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