WATCH: Ricky Schroder Gets Heated with Costco Employee over Masks

It looks like Ricky Schroder has had it up to here with following the rules when it comes to wearing masks. He’s posted a video to Facebook harassing a Costco worker who wouldn’t let him in the store without a mask.

In the video, Schroder argues with a Costco supervisor named Jason at the entrance of a store in Los Angeles, California. The employee calmly explains that despite new CDC guidelines stating fully vaccinated folks don’t have to wear a mask, the state of California still requires masks – and Costco has put out a statement making it clear they’re following “state or local jurisdiction” when it comes to mask mandates.

But it sounds like Schroder doesn’t give a hoot about what Costco or the state says, shouting at the camera for folks to “give up” their Costco memberships until the mask rule is lifted. After his argument that masks were allowed was debunked, by the employee, Schroder questions why people are “listening to their rules” regardless.

Check out the video below:

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