Danny Meyers & The G105 Morning Show

Danny Meyers & The G105 Morning Show

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Erica's Big Announcement

This morning, Erica made a big announcement about what's next for her on G105. We are all so proud of you, Erica!

Fun fact - I use to prank call The Showgram as a young teen. Who knew I would end up hosting the show? While I was in college, I begged for an internship from the executive producer of the show at the time and my mentor, Tommy Owen. I spent many nights sleeping in this studio because I would come in after my college classes and after everyone was gone to learn things on my own. It paid off because I begged Bob, The Showgram's creator and my forever buddy, to give me a job when I was a sophomore in college. He did! He said get in here and get it done. I worked my butt off on this show and often people never know the work that goes on behind the scenes. I cherish our listeners and the life long friends and memories that have been made here.  My teammates over the years have seen me in every stage of my adult life. They know me to my core and very few jobs have this kind of bond! I got married, had both my babies on this show, have traveled near and far to red carpet events, interviewed presidents and A-listers that went viral. For that, I'm forever thankful!  

I have a deep love for this show and the people I’ve become family with throughout the years. It has been the best job a girl could have ever wished for. As a mama and a person growing in our community, this was the perfect opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone. Listeners habits have changed, my son started kindergarten and have been focused on so many projects and charities outside of the show. During this life pause, aka the pandemic, I grew in many areas both personally and professionally and I’m humbled and thankful iHeart is allowing me to spread my wings and embrace these many blessings. I love this this company for all for allowing me to grow, their support of me as woman, and I’m super proud to announce:

I’M GETTING MY OWN SHOW, YA’LL! This Monday, its the debut of “The Erica Show”, weekdays 1 to 5!

I may actually be able to get a normal night’s sleep for the first time in my adult life (which I don’t know if I’ll actually do that) and enjoying my kids while they’re little in the mornings. I will so miss the belly laughs in the am, but that's why I need my listener family to call in as often as you want to hang with me 1 to 5pm.  

Also, a big shout out to my husband, my mom, the whole family and a few ex-boyfriends. They have been brutally exploited on this show and I love them all for being such great sports and always supporting me.  Stepping away is so hard and its always tough to close a chapter at times but we have to always push ourselves to grow.  

Let’s do this!


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