Teenage Girl Who Killed Her Sex Trafficker Now Set Free

At just 16 years old, Cyntoia Brown was sentenced to serve 15 years in the Tennessee Prison For Women in regards to a 2006 first-degree murder conviction. What to many seemed to be a self-defense case, unfortunately didn't play out that way in court. Brown was responsible for the death of a man who was using her for sex trafficking and also physically abusing her along with multiple men. Originally she was sentenced to a mandatory life sentence with possible parole in 2057. Can you even imagine defending yourself as a child against someone who was abusing you and having the system who is suppose to help protect you, actually work against you? Well that is exactly what happened to this young lady. If you asked her what helped her make it through, the only answer she has for you is "God." After being granted Clemency, she has been released to parole supervision.

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