Incredible! Watch This High School Coach Disarm Student, Then Embrace Him

Although the incident took place in May, powerful video surveillance is surfacing via social media of a student and faculty interaction. In the video you see Coach Keanon Lowe disarming a student who was carrying a shotgun and the pulls him in for a hug. Because there is no audio, you are unable to hear the dialogue. Lowe fills us in during an in depth interview of the incident. Instead of tackling the student, he talks with him while redirecting the direction of the gun. Lowe says to the student "I care about you" and in response the student, 18 year old Angel Granados-Diaz, simply says "You do?" which Lowe recounts "broke his heart", "that's why I'm here, I got you buddy" Lowe responds all while they are spilling into the hallway. He retrieves the shotgun and continues to hug Granados-Diaz. Cops show up shortly afterward to apprehend the student. Lowe quotes his family mantra for being there "You are where you're supposed to be".

Let that sink in, an unarmed football coach and security guard stopped what could have been another mass school shooting with talking, understanding, and showing that they mattered. Hats off to you Coach Lowe.

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