Guy Has To Spend 24 Hours in a Waffle House as Fantasy Football Punishment

Who doesn’t love stumbling into a Waffle House after a long night of partying, or just for a quality cheap meal? Everyone right?! Well this Fantasy Football league decided to make the losing punishment to the next level.

Jeremy Ward of Charleston, South Carolina lost his Fantasy Football league and the punishment was to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House. His buddy, Brett, posted it on Facebook (seen below). He was able to cut his time short by eating Waffles. For every waffle he ate, 30 minutes was deducted from his 24 hours.

Jeremy ended up crushing 10 waffles which knocked 5 hours off of his total time Brett told us. He also convinced the staff to let him cook an all star special and for that his buddies knocked off an additional 2 hours. The Waffle House vacation lasted from 6 P.M. Friday night to 11 A.M. Saturday morning.

That is definitely one of the most creative punishments for the loss of a season I’ve seen. And if you really feel sorry for the guy you can send him some money which he gladly added onto his sign.

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