At Least One Person Infected After Attending a 'Coronavirus Party'

A Kentucky resident has tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a so-called "coronavirus party."

Kentucky governor Andy Beshear described the 'party' as a group of "young adults in their 20s who I guess were thinking they were invincible”. 

The partygoer was one of 39 new cases reported in the state on Tuesday. Beshear said Kentuckians "owe each other a duty to protect each other".

"This is one that makes me mad," the governor said. "We have to be much better than that."

While Covid-19 has been more deadly and severe for people older than 60 and those with underlying health issues in data from China, health officials and leaders around the country have been imploring millennials and other young people to practice social distancing, because even people who are infected but without symptoms can transmit it to other people.

In fact, recent modeling based on Chinese data shows that asymptomatic carriers of the virus may have been responsible for its initial rapid spread there.

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