Britney's Family Is at War over Her Conservatorship

We've told you about the ongoing battle over BritneySpears conservatorship, and apparently all the drama is taking a toll on her family. “Britney’s family is at war with each other and it’s all because of the conservatorship,” a source tells “Us Weekly.” 

Part of the issues stem from Britney taking a more active role in what’s going on. “Britney is remarkably resilient and is very engaged in the conservatorship, whereas in years prior, she wasn’t at all,” the source adds. “She would never ask questions about it or go to court.”

Plus, Britney’s parents Lynne and Jamie have very different thoughts on how things should be handled. Lynne wants Britney to be able to “transition” out of the conservatorship, while Jamie still thinks she needs “long-term monitoring,” with the source adding, “he doesn’t think she is prepared to take such a drastic action."

But the insider adds, “Britney wants to live her life on her terms and is very displeased with the current custody arrangement,” noting, “She needs to see the boys much more than she currently is.” As for the family drama, the insider insists Britney is the one “trying to be the peacemaker” between everyone.

Also, Britney recently posted a bizarre video to Instagram that certainly has people talking. The clip features Britney dancing wildly, with the caption, "The video posted before this one was shot just over two weeks ago !!!! This one was shot today and check out my ass 🙊🙊🙊 ... it’s gotten smaller ... it’s called the candy 🍭 diet 😳😬😂 !!!!"

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