Harry Styles Dated 'Black-ish' Actress Tracee Ellis Ross

Harry Styles and Tracee Ellis Ross could have become a serious couple if only the pandemic had not hit. They were headed toward a commitment very early in the year.

Tracee is the daughter of singer Diana Ross and the star of the ABC sit-com Black-ish.

Harry slipped in her DMs and she asked for backstage passes to his next Los Angeles show. He happily obliged. They talked about making that connection when Harry guest-hosted for James Corden on The Late Late Show. Their chemistry was undeniable. Sitting next to Tracee was Harry’s ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner, who stayed silent like a third wheel.

An anonymous tip this week got Tracee and Harry trending on Twitter. A person recalled seeing them at a restaurant in February having a romantic dinner. It might have been the weekend right after Valentine’s Day. The source said, (quote) “I sat next to Harry Styles and Tracy Ellis Ross. They were definitely on a date and their convo was pretty juicy! They shared the wildest place they've hooked up.” (HOLA!)