TikTok Propels Fleetwood Mac to Top of the Charts

Witness the power of TikTok. This week, Fleetwood Mac tops the iTunes charts with a 43-year-old song, “Dreams.”

That’s all because a guy from Idaho, TikTok handle “Dogg Face,” sipped Ocean Spray straight from the bottle while chilling on his skateboard and listening to Fleetwood Mac. The popularity of this one random viral video altered pop culture. (Billboard

The CEO at Ocean Spray donated a brand new Nissan pickup truck and a year’s supply of juice. Afterward, Dogg Face recreated his TikTok video but this time in the driver’s seat. The Ocean Spray CEO also recreated the original TikTok on his skateboard. (TMZ)

And Mick Fleetwood joined TikTok specifically to remake Dogg Face's video. Though singer Stevie Nicks is the one we want to see skateboarding.