Drew Barrymore's Talk Show Is in Trouble

Jimmy Fallon has secretly come to the rescue of Drew Barrymore. Her daytime talk show has struggled. Ratings have crumbled since she debuted one month ago.

An insider said, “Drew’s show cannot survive with these numbers. There is panic around the set. Drew’s staff knows the writing is on the wall. They are already preparing their resumes.”

To boost her numbers, Drew has called in favors among her celebrity friends to appear as guests. Jimmy Fallon jumped at the opportunity. They co-starred in the romantic comedy,Fever Pitch.

He reportedly pulled strings at Saturday Night Live to ensure that a Drew Barrymore parody skit aired when the most viewers would see it. Fallon is pushing Chloe Fineman to repeat her Barrymore impersonation in more SNL skits. (OK! Magazine)