LISTEN: Tom Cruise Goes off on Crew Members Who Broke COVID Rules

TOM CRUISE is currently filming"Mission: Impossible 7" in London, and he's DEAD SERIOUS about COVID-19 protocols.

In fact, he recently saw two crew members standing less than six feet apart, and he LOST IT. He let them have it BIG TIME, and somebody recorded his tirade.

He said, quote, "If I see you do it again, you're [effing] gone! And if anyone in this crew does it, that's it. And you too and you too. And you, don't you ever [effing] do it again."

Tom wasn't just concerned about his own movie, but about the entire film industry. He said, quote, "They're back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us. We are creating thousands of jobs, you mother[effers].

"That's it. No apologies. You can tell it to the people that are losing their [effing] homes because our industry is shut down. We are not shutting this [effing] movie down, is it understood? If I see it again, you're [effing] gone."

Check out the audio if you'd like but beware it is loaded with profanity: