What to Watch Instead of the Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl at a party is one thing, but with coronavirus, it’s likely there will be fewer viewers than a regular year. Sports fans will definitely be tuning in. Everyone else? Many are likely tuning out. If you plan on checking in for the half-time show, but watching something else during the actual game, don’t worry. There’s plenty of good stuff to stream.

If you’re not into watching the Super Bowl, here’s what you can watch instead:

  • Strip Down, Rise Up: This Netflix documentary is all about women who use pole dancing as therapy and it sounds fascinating. It debuts on Friday.
  • Malcolm and Marie: The new Zendaya film debuts this weekend on Netflix, too.
  • Snapped marathon: Oxygen is running an all-day Snapped marathon and these true-crime stories are too good not to binge.
  • Dr. Pimple Popper marathon: Affectionately called the “Poppy Bowl,” you can check out this dermatologist in action if you need a reality show fix during the game.
  • The Puppy Bowl: Always a favorite for some adorable puppy therapy! (Distractify)